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Mark says:

“Those original flowers came from Carol’s Garden run by Carol Siddorn in Cheshire and I now work with her whenever I can and she is a great inspiration to me. With her advice and guidance I threw myself into flower farming and just got on with it. I love the whole process from start to end. I’m always learning and, to be honest, I always will be. Working with the soil is in my blood…I’m a flower farmer and I love it!

I dabbled with flower farming for a couple of years, and am now in my second year of serious growing. I’m currently working on just under half an acre on our family farm in North Wales, and I’m looking to expand.

In my first year I put a focus on perennials to build some form of back bone to the plot. I’m aiming to develop a strong shrub and perennial space whilst growing annuals alongside. Having a clear focus and plan has helped me structure my time whilst I work four days a week for the event florist and Carol.

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I don’t specialise in any specific flowers: my aim is to have an eclectic mix of flowers and foliage, learning about new varieties as I go and seeing what grows well here. In my first year of growing I sold buckets of mixed flowers and foliage to florists, event florists and a few brides. I got a lot of interest through Instagram and recommendations from fellow growers, plus working in the floristry industry has helped me to make connections and reach potential customers.

My plans for the future include more of a focus on wedding work, as I have a strong history in wedding floristry. I shall be experimenting with farmers markets, reaching out to different people and venues, creating a website, hosting workshops and building on my stock of perennials and shrubs. It’s time for a real focus on the growth and development of the business.

Being part of Flowers from the Farm has given me a sense of community with great people with incredible knowledge and just the sense that you’re not on your own. Every single person has been great and reinforced my love of flower farming. Thank you Flowers from the Farm: you’re all amazing.”