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Frequently Asked Questions about buying flowers

Flowers from the Farm does not sell flowers from a central point. To buy flowers from our members you will need to make direct contact with any of our growers.

About buying flowers

FAQs about buying flowers from our members throughout the UK

  • How do I find my nearest flower farm?

    All our members are listed on this website, so use the Find Flowers search facility to find your nearest flower grower or florist, or the nearest member to the person you want to send flowers to.
  • Do FFTF members use only British grown flowers?

    Every member of FFTF uses British grown flowers, but every business has its own model - some use only flowers grown on their flower farm, others also buy in flowers from other UK growers, others may choose to use some imported blooms either during the winter months or as their own aesthetic choice. To see the position of an individual business on this issue, please see the 'About us' section, or equivalent, of their own website for further information.
  • How do I know what your members sell?

    Our members are growers or florists who use seasonal flowers. Our Find Flowers directory lists our members and will tell you whether they sell flowers as bouquets, for weddings and events, for funerals and/or for wholesale for florists.
  • Are members' flower farms open to the public?

    Each of our member businesses are different, so some may be open shop hours, and some may only be open by appointment in advance, or may not be able to welcome guests to their farms for insurance or planning reasons. Many members open their doors to the public in summer as part of our Flower Farmers' Big Weekend.
  • Can I buy flowers directly from Flowers from the Farm?

    We are not a trading company and do not sell flowers centrally - our members are a network of independent businesses and every one is different. To buy flowers please contact an individual member business directly - use 'Find Flowers' to locate member businesses throughout the UK.
  • What do you mean by 'British flowers'?

    By 'British flowers' we mean cultivated cut flowers grown in the UK. We are not using the term to mean native wildflowers.