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A cloud of white flowers lines the path to the polytunnel at Wildbunch Flowers, Shropshire
Rainbow colours in the cutting beds at Essence of Nature Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions about Flowers from the Farm

We hope you find the answers you’re looking for here or elsewhere on our FAQs page. If you still have questions, please contact us via our contact form.

FAQs about Flowers from the Farm

  • What are the dates for The Flower Farmers' Big Weekend this year?

    Our annual celebration of locally grown flowers will run from 8-10th September 2023.
  • Are there any membership criteria for your flower farmers?

    Our members are independent British flower businesses large and small across the UK. As a volunteer led organisation, Flowers from the Farm is here to support members, not to regulate, or to offer a pattern book for running a flower business. The majority of our members share a passion for the environment and for growing using environmentally friendly approaches without the use of pesticides and chemicals. We ask that all members share our values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, and the ethical values of honesty and openness. We expect members to act in line with these values at all times.
  • Do FFTF members use only British grown flowers?

    Every member of FFTF uses British grown flowers, but every business has its own model - some use only flowers grown on their flower farm, others also buy in flowers from other UK growers, others may choose to use some imported blooms either during the winter months or as their own aesthetic choice. To see the position of an individual business on this issue, please see the 'About us' section, or equivalent, of their own website for further information.
  • Do your members grow peat-free?

    Our members take a variety of positions on this issue. To see the position of an individual business on the use of peat, please check if they say that they grow without the use of peat on their own website.
  • Are members' flower farms open to the public?

    Each of our member businesses are different, so some may be open shop hours, and some may only be open by appointment in advance, or may not be able to welcome guests to their farms for insurance or planning reasons. Many members open their doors to the public in summer as part of our Flower Farmers' Big Weekend.
  • Can I buy flowers directly from Flowers from the Farm?

    We are not a trading company and do not sell flowers centrally - our members are a network of independent businesses and every one is different. To buy flowers please contact an individual member business directly - use 'Find Flowers' to locate member businesses throughout the UK.
  • Are FFTF members all organic growers?

    To use the term organic, growers must be certified in the UK by the Soil Association.   Many of our members grow without chemicals - to see what an individual business does, please read the 'About' section of the individual business's website.
  • Where can I find information about your diversity scholarships?

    We want to encourage people from every community to become flower growers and to be an inclusive organisation. Follow Flowers from the Farm on Instagram and Facebook to see announcements and information about our diversity scholarship programme. Read more about our Diversity Action Group here.
  • Do you offer work experience opportunities?

    Flowers from the Farm is run solely by volunteers and does not employ staff so does not offer work experience placements. Some of our members offer placements to volunteers but Flowers from the Farm does not co-ordinate this and you will need to contact individual member businesses directly.
  • Where can I find information about job vacancies?

    We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteers only. Positions in Flowers from the Farm are staffed by volunteer members who are also running their own flower businesses. If you're a member looking to take on responsibility, speak to your regional co-ordinator or visit the members' area of the website for details of any current roles we're looking to fill.
  • Can Flowers from the Farm help with my academic research in the field of flower growing and/or floristry in the UK?

    In line with GDPR, if you confirm in writing that you are happy for us to share your contact details on our members-only forums, we will consider assisting you with this. Please send details of your research project and your request via our contact form.
  • I have land that I'd like to make available to a flower growing business. Can you help?

    In line with GDPR, if you confirm via email that you are happy for us to share your contact details on the relevant members-only regional forum, we will communicate your offer and ask members to contact you directly to discuss. Use our contact form to send details of your offer.
  • Can I join Flowers from the Farm if I live outside the UK?

    Sorry but Flowers from the Farm is only for UK businesses.